Women’s Day

Dates and Hours:

Vâlcele, Jud. Covasna, Romania


Women's Day at Panorama Boutique Hotel! We invite you to celebrate Women's Day together on March 6, 7 and 8, respectively!
Book a meal at: 0744757515.
Women’s Day menu
Drink: Bellini Cocktail (peaches, champagne)
Beef muscle salad with arugula, dehydrated tomatoes and feta cheese
Main course:
V1: Grilled swordfish with greens with mixed salad with citrus
V2: Pink duck breast with gorgonzola sauce and gratin potatoes
V3: Beef bourgiugnon (beef stew with mushrooms and red wine) with mashed sweet potatoes
Dessert: Homemade eclair
V1: 115 lei / pers.
V2: 100 lei / pers.
V3: 95 lei / pers.
The price includes the drink, the entree, the main course and the dessert.