New Italian restaurant in the heart of Sfântu Gheorghe

The newest restaurant of the Bertis business group, Trattoria San Giorgio, has opened its gates in the heart of Sfântu Gheorghe, so with this, Covasna County’s gastronomic range has been expanded with another quality restaurant. We talked about the restaurant and Italian cuisine with János Falvai, a chef who has lived in Sicily for several years.

Why did you decide to open an Italian restaurant in Saint George?
I used to live and work in Sicily and at the beginning of this year the owner of the Bertis business group pointed out that I had worked in Italy and yet we didn’t have an Italian restaurant at home. So, the idea of ​​opening the restaurant actually started with this conversation. I supported his idea and we had planned to open it sooner, but unfortunately the pandemic intervened. So, after six months of waiting we have finally opened it a few days ago.

What is the difference between Szekler and Italian cuisine?
Like here, grain is of high quality in Italy as well, so the bread is very good. Lamb meat and pork are also very good, but the sea makes a huge difference, and I think that’s basically what distinguishes the Italian cuisine. There is a lot of pasta food and fish. Here, fish is replaced with meat and pasta with potatoes. And Sicilian sweets are characterized by high sugar content.

How can these two cuisines be combined?
I think you can always find a way to combine things in a balanced way, without being forceful. You need to be able to bring the two kitchens together. Of course, there are several dishes that both kitchens are familiar with, such as the meat roulade from here, known there as porchetta. We have also included roulade on our menu, only that I spiced it up with Szekler and Italian condiments as well. So that's how I found the middle ground.

What is your specialty? Which dish would you recommend from the menu?
Lentil soup, for example, I'm curious how it will be received. I tried to make it sour with a very good Italian sausage. I think the porchetta, or roulade with a lot of fresh condiments is very good. As another example there will also be tenderloin with porcini mushrooms, and I also just prepared black mussels, which I highly recommend the bolder clients to try. 

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