Colourful Bodoc Mountains

I have hiked in the Bodoc Mountains several times. Be that in winter, summer, sunshine, rain, it has its charm in every season. I remember the first time I was there, it was winter. It was a very cold winter day, everything was white and frosty. The next time it was early spring. Nature was waking up, plants were emerging from beneath the leaves on the ground. It is warm and green in summer, and pleasant, yellow and cool in autumn. 

Several marked hiking trails lead to the peak of Bodoc Mountains, starting from Malnaș, Bodoc, Olteni, Cernat, and even from Băile Bálványos. It’s very popular, being a favourite spot for “boot tourism.”

I always started early in the morning, with a backpack, hiking boots, clothing appropriate for the season, and sufficient amount of food and water. There is usually a big company coming together since the mountains provide one of the easiest and most comfortable hiking opportunities in the county. One day should be enough for walking through the entire route, comfortably, taking rests, but one can also take a longer break at the recently built mountain hut. Anyway, if you can, come and conquer the summit yourself!

Kovács Orsolya

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