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Comuna Zăbala, 527190, România


Take part in our Transylvanian Countryside Lifestyle. Zabola is a unique estate, not just in Transylvania. It is a very much lived in family home, a property where guests are invited to enjoy the atmosphere of the turn of the century.

Zabola Estate spreads over 500 hectares, out of which 50ha are covered by the Castle Park. The whole estate is accessible directly from the castle park. Our Guesthouses are dating back to the 18th, 19th and 20th century.

They fulfilled different purposes in course of time. Today four houses are available for bookings, three in the Garden Estate and one in one of the Forest Estates ('Dobrica' Hunting Lodge).

The Estate comprises in addition to the three guesthouses The Old Stables - a banquette house for leisure, drinks, dinners, receptions and other events. A refreshed and maintained English landscape garden with 2 lakes and 4 ponds, pavilions, terraces, a sauna in the woods, stables, barns and walking, hiking and carriage-tracks are yours to enjoy.

The rich nature and wildlife we are living in and with is of high importance to us. Next to wild ducks, storks and great blue herons, the Garden Estate and its adjunct forest gives home to bears, deer, wild boar, stags, wolfs, lynx, bats, squirrels, owls, buzzards, bats, frogs, and all kind of smaller animals. We try to make this wildlife in a careful way accessible to you.

Picture on front of yourself a painting by Monet and all the colors he used - that's Zabola when pressing the 'random button'. The general atmosphere of Zabola remind to the 1920ies in a certain way. Some say they have seen Hercule Poirot slipping out of the dining room.

Visiting the property is only possible with valid reservation or on public events! For details about programs follow us on Facebook:
Thank you for your understanding!

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