Beyond the fairy tale: photo exhibition and traditional music


A special evening with an original photography exhibition at Kalnoky Castle -The Museum of Transylvanian Life

”Beyond the fairy tale” is about a French photographer’s adventure in a corner of Transylvania and the bits of wisdom she learned from it. A taste of a Kusturica movie atmosphere and wonderful photographies -all on one evening only.

Vanessa Munier has stepped inside the decor in a region where every corner looks like a fairy tale illustration, and she discovered a more profound attraction: a surprising world of wit and wisdom.

People here, despite their difficult lives in secluded villages, are not only resilient and tenacious, but also funny and full of wit. Old and young are determined to stay upright no matter what. They face their complicated past -and uncertain future- with fierceness and honesty and don’t shy away from it.“We ride fast, we jump high, we never fall”, said Bela, the man portrayed in one of the photos.

“Joie de vivre” and a youthful sense of humour are visible in most of the portraits Vanessa Munier took and in their ”behind the scene” stories (also on display in the exhibition).

We are showing this exhibition on the 11th only, accompanying it with a special dinner and a musical traditional show. Guests will experience the fairy tale and ”meet” the locals through the photos, feeling like in an Emir Kusturica movie.

Vanessa Munier photographed places and people in three villages: Miclosoara, Valea Zalanului and Valea Crisului.

PRICE for the evening :
230 lei /person (dinner, exhibition and show)
400 lei /person (dinner, exhibition & show, plus small photo upon choice included)

The evening will be the only opportunity to see the photos, and maybe even buy one of them as they will be on sale.

About the photographer
Born in 1988 in Reims, Vanessa Munier is a French photographer based in Paris. Through her work, she captures the social and environmental landscape of remote territories whose traditions, cultural and historical legacy are often threatened by the frenetic pace of modern society. Influenced by the pioneers of landscape photography, the great explorers of the 19th century, as much as the great romantics, she travels the world alone with her large format camera to capture the remnants of the ancient world.

About the project

The exhibition was commissioned by The Kalnoky Foundation. As all the Foundation’s projects, it is meant to support and preserve natural and cultural heritage in the area. The Kalnoky Foundation supports Transylvania's sustainable development by preserving the traditional ties of local communities with their cultural and natural heritage. It combines the conservation of built heritage and traditional landscapes with community based projects to increase the sources of livelihood and protect cultural identity.

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