Land of mineral waters

Land of mineral waters

Hundreds of mineral water springs

Due to the volcanic activities that took place 50-20 thousands of years ago, one can find highly mineralized water alongside the Eastern range of the Carpathian Mountains. These sources are used both for internal and external cures, or simply just as drinking water.
According to the different mineralization, you will meet various type of fizzy and still mineral water in Szeklerland: they differ in color (brownish, yellowish, lime white), smell (sulphurous, ferruginous), and taste (ferruginous, salty).
You can find mineral water springs near the roads or close to the forest, as well as bottled as drinking water or curing/medicinal water, or captured in small wooden pools and called traditional Szekler mineral water bath (for ex. Apor Bath, Csiszár Bath in Băile Balvanyoș ), or used in balneotheraphy in Covasna city or other centers ( for ex. Hătuica).

Medicinal Waters Traditional baths

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