Balvanyoș Resort

Balvanyos Resort (Băile Balvanyos) lies on The Puturosu or Puciosu Mountain (1143 m), which is part of the Ciomad-Balvanyos Massif. It is the most southern area of the Eastern-Carpathians, where post-volcanic phenomena have appeared. These cold post-volcanic manifestations (mofettas, solfataras and mineral waters) have a great geological, touristic and therapeutic value. Among the post-volcanic manifestations, the Smelly Cave or Grotto is known as the biggest natural mofetta in Europe, with a length of 14m. This emanates approx. 2,000 m³ of carbon dioxide each day. Other sulphurous caves in the area are the Timsós Grotto, Murderous Grotto and the Birds’ Cemetery. The wide variety of mineral waters in the area are also exploited through the presence of numerous traditional baths, small pools with different healing properties, arranged within the forests. The refreshing waters of Apor Baths, Mikes Baths, Csiszár Baths are the perfect opportunity to get away from a heatwave. Accommodation for different needs is also available, as well as leisure time activities.

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