Kalnoky Castle - Museum of Transylvanian Life

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Micloșoara nr. 201


The Kálnoky Castle (late Renaissance) situated in Miklósvár (Micloșoara) is hosting the Museum of Transylvanian Life and providing insight into several centuries of Transylvanian cultural history.
Take a step back in history and see how an aristocratic residence in Transylvania looked like (including the kitchen of a mansion), and how noblemen lived: see the books they read, the weapons the Kalnoky family used in the battles with the ottomans and the musical instruments they used, or the delicate sewing pieces and glasswork and the spectacular stoves. Check the original Streicher piano, the same model used by Johannes Brahms. Also relax in our lovely Rennaissance gardens!

Guided castle tour is starting in every hour, based on reservation. The last tour starts at 3pm.

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