Count Kálnoky’s Transilvanian Equestrian Center


Valea Crișului/ Sepsiköröspatak, nr.5/A, Romania


The equestrian center of Count Kálnoky is situated in the small village of Valea Crişului at 7 km from Sfântu Gheorghe city. The Kálnoky‘s belong to the oldest magnates of Transylvania. Members of the family led the Szeklers in the defence of Transylvania for centuries, constantly having to fight against intruding Mongols, Turks and Tartars. Kálnoky Antal set up the first Transylvanian regiment of hussars which remained in service until the end of World War I. He was the last to successfully apply war tactics inherited by the ancient Szekler riding tribes of the steppes, during the 7-year-war (1757). Hugo Leopold was celebrated as one of the best rider of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy in the late 19th century.

The Kálnoky Equestrian Center has formed a young generation with excellent equestrian skills. The riding school organizes training courses with national and international horse trainers. The center has an outdoor (75 x 35 m) and an indoor riding manége (12 x 45 meters). The main activities include riding lessons, pony riding and trail tours of three and six days.
Summer camps for groups of max. 15 children are also organised. In addition to riding, children are introduced to a variety of creative occupations.
The horse riding center organizes riding lessons for children and adults, equestrian camps, horse riding and pony rides for children.
Horseback riding sessions are organized for several hours, and horseback riding trips can last between one day and five days, during which riders are led through the most beautiful and secluded villages in the Baraolt area (Valea Zălanului, Bățanii Mici, Micloșoara) , also exploring the Baraolt Mountains. These horseback rides are intended for all nature-loving riders who want to roam the mountains and their surroundings.
Within the equestrian center, there is also a vaulting team (gymnastics on horseback) and a team of show-jumping, which participate in regional and national competitions.
Starting with the 2019/2020 school year, the Puskás Tivadar Technological High School, in partnership with the Equestrian Center, has set up a class specializing in the equestrian field, for young people who are interested in this area.
In addition to the 5 days trail riding holidays we now offer three and two days riding holidays and even one day trail rides
Duration: 1, 2, 3 days in the weekends
️ Trails: lead across the meadows, hills and forests of the Barot Mountains
️ Accommodation: Count Kálnoky’s Guesthouses at Miklósvár and Prince of Wales Guesthouses at Zalánpatak
Horses: Shagya-Arabian, Lipizzaner, Gidran, and Lipizzaner’s sure-footed crosses with Hutzuls, Akhal-Teke. They are keen and spirited, adaptable and well suited to the going, which can get rough and is steep in places. They are also of calm temperament and sensible to handle. As every horse and every rider are different, we match horse-rider couples during a personal meeting before the trek.
⭕ Tack: English general purpose saddles are used and saddle bags are provided. The horses are ridden in snaffle bridles. The saddle bags are large enough to carry the rain gear, personal items, picknick boxes and water.
️ Skill level: comfortable and secure in the saddle at a walk, trot and canter and used to riding in open country and over different types of terrain, be reasonably fit. Weight limit is up to 90kg bodyweight.
No. of participants: min. 4 max. 8

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