Fox's Den Forest School 2*


Școala Pădurii Vizuina Vulpii, Șugaș Băi, Covasna, România


The Fox's Den Forest School is located in Sugaş-Băi, 8 km from Sfântu Gheorghe. Accommodation is available for 26 people in 6 rooms with bunk beds, each room has its own bathroom.
  • Wolf Room: 6 beds
  • Squirrel room: 4 beds
  • Mole room: 4 beds
  • Fox room: 4 beds
  • Jay Room: 4 beds
  • Badger room: 4 beds
The location also has a dining room, kitchen, lecture hall and free Wi-Fi network. Group bookings are especially recommended for students and their teachers. Fox's Den Forest School programs can be requested at any time of the year.

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