Information regarding COVID-19 infection

The new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) is also present in Romania and is spreading rapidly. Given that there have been also registered cases in Covasna County, we urge you to pay special attention to the following, during your visit to our county.

The virus spreads mainly through infections caused by: coughing, sneezing, exhaling into the environment or bystanders. Touching infected surfaces and objects can bring the virus onto your hands, and then into your body by touching the face, mouth or nose. Frequent hand washing, preferably with soap and water or a hand disinfectant with at least 60% alcohol, can significantly reduce the risk of infection. When sneezing or coughing, it is recommended that you use a tissue that you dispose of immediately after use and then thoroughly washing the hands. It is advisable to ignore the usual forms of contact and greeting, such as handshakes, kisses or friendly hugs.

Typical symptoms of coronavirus include fever, dry coughing, shortness of breath, but also muscle pain, sore throat, nasal congestion, diarrhea, runny nose or fatigue. All forms of contact with a febrile patient should be avoided if possible.

For information about the coronavirus, 0800800358 green number is to be called, but in case of an emergency, suspected infection with the coronavirus, 112 emergency number should be contacted.

However, it is important to know that 80% of those infected recover without special treatment, and 1 in 6 cases can develop severe symptoms. There is no reason to panic, but prevention is important!

As a precautionary measure, cultural institutions operating in the county, such as the Theatre of Sfântu Gheorghe, the Cimborák Puppet Theater, the M Studio, the Andrei Mureșanu Theater, the Háromszék Folk-Dance Ensemble, the Ádám Kónya House of Culture and the Arta Cinema, will be closed to reduce the possibility of infection with the coronavirus. In addition, the Péter Bod County Library, the Székely National Museum, the National Museum of the Eastern Carpathians, the Hunting Exhibition of the Szeklerland, the Magma Contemporary Art Space and the Transylvanian Art Center will not be opened to visitors. Also, some of the sports and leisure facilities will be closed, including the indoor Swimming Pool of Sfântu Gheorghe, the Spa and Treatment Center in Șugaș Băi and the indoor ice rink situated next to the Sepsi Arena.

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