Museum of the Baraolt Basin


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Baraolt, Str. Kossuth Lajos. nr 158, Romania


Visiting the 4 million years old mastodon skeleton must be on your bucket list! The skeleton is unique since it is almost complete and exhibited in the position it was found in Racoșul de Sus in 2008.

The first museum in Barót (Baraolt) was founded by Gáspár Kászoni (Baraolt, 1896 – Baraolt, 1989) watchmaker and antiquities collector of Hungarian and Secler heritage.
After many years of exploration in the area in 1979 he donated a collection to the community of Barót (Baraolt). The small museum is closed in 1984.
The collection was transported to Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfântu Gheorghe) in the stores of the Secler National Museum for conservation and preservation.
From the initiative of Gaál Mózes Cultural Association and the cooperation between
Local Government of Baraolt and Székely Nemzeti Múzeum (Székely National Museum) on 17th November 2006 these three institutions inaugurated
The Erdővidék Múzeuma (Museum of the Baraolt Basin).

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