Körtövés Guest Village 3*


Str. Körtövés Nr. 652, România


The village

Körtövés, a village from earlier times, without electricity, telephone signal or wifi access, a gathering place of ancient times and traditions. Everything you see here is mostly local, handmade product. These include wrought iron work, floor coverings, windows and doors, tile roofing and wood-burning stoves, as well as furniture, lamps, mattresses and woven fabrics.
In the old farmhouses, there was a small room that served as a pantry. In contrast, there is now a much greater emphasis on the bathroom, so in every house the bathroom has taken the place of the pantry. Its antiquity and craftsmanship are evoked by the stone tiles and the wooden bathtubs and hand basins.
If you want to have fun, we make free use of the Körtövés Adventure Park, the playground and the barbecue area. We also organize tours, bear observatory and other outdoor activities.

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