Nimbus No Limits

Nimbus No Limits


🪂 1. Tandem paragliding flight at Lisnău
  • take-off from Dealul Măgheruș - Lisnău
  • flight duration between 2 minutes and 1 hour (Paragliding is a non-motorized flight, and therefore the possibility to fly, altitude gain and flight duration depend on weather conditions. Thus, in the warm season, due to the sun at ground level, there are updrafts - so-called thermals, which an experienced pilot can exploit for altitude gain and for a flight of duration and/or distance. In the cold season, as these currents do not exist, the only possibility for a long duration flight is a wind strength and direction that allows patrolling in the updraft that forms in front of the slope).
  • take-off altitude 700 m
  • take-off/landing level difference between 100 and 150 m, depending on the take-off point
  • landing access - by car, asphalt road
  • take-off access - by car, on unpaved road, second half in bad condition, with gullies and potholes or on foot
  • flying season - all year round on days when weather conditions are favourable
  • weather conditions for flying - no precipitation, good visibility, dry ground, wind strength < 6m/s
  • passenger equipment provided: harness, helmet, wind goggles
  • GoPro full HD video/photo (included in price)
  • pilot George Coteț 
  • price 250 lei, filming included
🤩 2. Flight tasting
This is an event we organise once or twice a year, where participants can experience a condensed day of paragliding school. The event takes place depending on the wind direction and intensity, at Lisnău, Moacșa, Mărcuș or between Sfântu Gheorghe and Ilieni.
Thus, in the first part of the day we have a short presentation of the equipment, a theoretical incursion into the world of non-motorized flight, so a small theoretical course - between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the number of participants and how many questions we are asked.
Then 3 to 4 hours of practical ground training, i.e. equipping/unequipping and inflating - participants learn to equip and unequip and control the paraglider on the ground, on flat ground. It's like playing with a kite, except the kite is really big.
Lunch is from 1pm to 2pm at the bottom of the hill in the shade, a traditional lunch- cheese, bacon, onions, pita and whatever else is in the bag, then we do a briefing, review the first part of the day, answer questions and resume ground training at another level: take-off simulations.

At the end of the day, if we have perfect weather conditions, before sunset, each participant has the opportunity, if he/she wishes and if the instructor considers him/her fit, to do 1 - 2 flights in single control (so alone) - guided through the station throughout the flight, from take-off to landing. And here we have fireworks of excitement and joy, hoots and hollers, cries of joy and excitement. It's worth experiencing or at least seeing. It is priceless, including for us who guide them.

On a link on googledrive, you can choose your photos, the ones you consider the most beautiful and expressive for our work and especially for how beautiful Covasna county is.

The price for the Flight Tasting - 500 lei/participant.

There are always a minimum of 2 instructors who are in charge of training and guiding the participants, with a minimum number of 5 participants and a maximum number of 12.
We provide full equipment, adapted to the weight/height of each participant, water, filming and photography.

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