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Program description:
Have you ever tasted mineral water from a spring? Do you know what herbs and flowers grow in this area? Do you know what life is like on a sheepfold? Have you ever ventured deep into a thick forest? If you haven't experienced all of these, come with us on an off-road tour and we'll show you! If you like, we'll take a delicious picnic with us too!

Long tour: 6-7 hours - departure from Baraolt, arrival in the same place
Papferedő - a mineral water pool deep in the forest.
Lookout point - on a clear day, overlooking the Carpathian Mountains.
Valea Zălanului - visit to the king's house and the mofette.
Picnic - snack of local products.
Murgó - drive around the southernmost volcano in the Harghita Mountains, overlooking the volcanic cones of Ciumat.
Ozunca-Băi - mineral water tasting, and in summer even diving in the mineral water pool. Sheepfold - visit to a shepherd's hut, tasting of fresh cheese and urd (in winter it can be replaced by a cheese tasting in Ozunca-Băi).

Short excursions: 3-5 hours - departure from Baraolt, arrival in the same place
1. Mineral springs, viewpoint, Zălanului Valley
2. Lookout point, mineral water spring in Herculian, visit to the sheepfold
3. Lookout point in the Gorges-Vârghișului, Tatar chapel, Dobó chapel, mineral water spring

Excursions include guided tour, entrance to the King's House, cheese tasting at the sheepfold, tasting of pălincă and liqueur, mineral water, picnic in case of a long tour.

Reservations required at least 3 days in advance!

Spoken languages

  • Romanian
  • Hungarian
  • English

Tour guide

  • Kovács-Varga Szidónia

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