Covasna resort

Among Europe's resorts, Covasna is unique for its climate rich in negative ions, the abundance of mineral waters and CO2 emanations. These natural resources gave Covasna the opportunity to become Romania's leading destination for cardio-vascular rehabilitation. One of the greatest cardiological centre of the country operates in Covasna, where 450-500 mofetta-therapies are performed daily. The Covasna-method elaborated by M.D. Géza Benedek blends the healing factors offered by nature (mineral water, mofetta, ion-rich air) with regular exercise, low-fat and low-salt diet, thus helping reduce medication use and contributing to the improvement of the patient's quality of life. Visitors who seek recovery and healing will find here: mineral water fountains of various composition, heated mineral water baths and carbon-dioxide gas-baths (mofettas), which have beneficial effects in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, locomotory and gynaecological complaints, as well as metabolic and nervous system disorders. Hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, kinetic therapy, and climatic therapy are also used as complementary treatments.

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