“EasyRide” is a medium-difficult route, with a length of 17.53 km and with a level difference of 660 m. It starts from the toll barrier on the driveway leading to Sugaș Băi, and after 200 m it turns abruptly to the left, crosses the stream and rises constantly through the forest. 
A technical descent follows on the stony, steep slope, which leads to the Csaba spring. From here, the yellow dot sign has to be followed on the forest road, at the end of which the serpentine section puts you to the test. Following the yellow dot, it arrives at the Szármány lowland with a steady ascent, from where on the blue lane sign leads to the Gyertyános fountain. After a right turn, there is a light ascent to the Görgő peak (1.017 m), which is also the highest point of our route. 
The road descends to Sugaș Băi at the blue triangle sign. From here it leads back to the barrier on a section shared with the former bike path.


  • Hard


  • Șugaș Băi / Sugásfürdő

High difference

  • 500 m


  • 16,70 km

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