The 10 best confectioneries in Covasna County

The 10 best confectioneries in Covasna County

Who wouldn't like delicious cookies? Tourists don't have to give up on these during their trip, as better and better confectioneries await their guests in Covasna County. We have collected the best confectioneries in the county in alphabetical order, that will definitely not disappoint you. We can't decide which one is the best, so we leave that decision to you!

Article published in 2020 

Gelateria Aria, Sfântu Gheorghe

The oldest ice cream shop in Saint George has been operating since 1992, and in 2000 the unit was expanded with a confectionery during a large-scale modernization, this way providing a more varied product range for its guests. The values of Aria ice cream shop: naturalness, quality, honesty and service.

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Cofetăria Bertis, Covasna

Guests can also try tasty cakes and tortes at the confectionery in the centre of Covasna. If you are visiting Covasna, we definitely recommend you to go for a delicious cookie.

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Flour Power, Sfântu Gheorghe

Flour Power is a small confectionery workshop in Sfântu Gheorghe, where special attention is paid to those who are allergic to certain ingredients or even want to eat dietary cakes. The ingredients include flaxseed flour, chestnut flour, walnut flour, pumpkin seed flour, which are special and delicious.

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Marie’s, Sfântu Gheorghe

You can taste delicious cookies and slices of cakes, tortes at Marie’s confectionary in Sfântu Gheorghe. You can even pre-order the cakes or tortes made from quality and natural ingredients, or buy them at their shop.

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Mikó confectionery, Sfântu Gheorghe

The confectionery in the centre of Sfântu Gheorghe has been making quality cakes and tortes from natural ingredients for ten years, which are limited only by your imagination!

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M&M, Sfântu Gheorghe

The confectionery in the centre of Sfântu Gheorghe makes quality tortes and cakes according to homemade recipes. Guests can find a very colorful offer, as they can choose from 22 types of cakes, as well as more than 20 types of coffee and 20 types of tea.
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Cofetăria Natally, Covasna

Natally confectionary in Covasna awaits its guests with delicious and homemade cakes and tortes. Certainly, all guests will be able to find a delicacy suitable for themselves here. Don't miss out when you're in Covasna.

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Orka, Sfântu Gheorghe

Orka confectionery in Sfântu Gheorghe is the paradise of handcrafted sweets and cakes. In addition to sugary sweets, you can also find sugar-free preparations. It is definitely worth trying if you are visiting Saint George.

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Cofetăria Rigó Jancsi, Târgu Secuiesc

The confectionery in the centre of Târgu Secuiesc awaits the lovers of sweets with open gates. Among its offerings, guests can choose from several delicacies.

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Süti Éden, Târgu Secuiesc

Süti Éden in Târgu Secuiesc is committed to provide unforgettable culinary experiences through quality and progress. Elegance, quality, flexibility according to the needs of our dear clients! The tortes and cakes are made from the best quality ingredients here. The confectionery is characterized by special technology, quality ingredients, and beautiful, jewel-like desserts.

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