10 guesthouses in beautiful ambiences where you can travel with holiday vouchers

10 guesthouses in beautiful ambiences where you can travel with holiday vouchers

We have collected 10 guesthouses in fairy tale surroundings from Covasna County, where you can use your extended holiday vouchers in a safe environment.

Article published in 2020

1. Begonia Gesthouse ** Sita Buzăului

Being set in a picturesque landscape, the guesthouse is the perfect choice for nature lovers. What made this village famous were its flint tools made of unpolished flint and jasper from the Stone Age, excavated at Tűzkő watercourse, at the southern edge of the settlement. But among the attractions you can find the Church of St. Mary from the 19th century and the Greek Orthodox Church from Ciumernic as well, also built in the 19th century.
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2. Casa Brădet Pension **** Întorsura Buzăului

The local people of Întorsura Buzăului are well known for their hospitality. Situated at the border of the city, the guesthouse is an ideal choice for those wishing to relax, as the region of Întorsura Buzăului offers a view of picturesque and untouched landscape. Discover the forests of the Întorsurii Mountains and its wildlife! The waters of the area are rich in fish species, so fishing enthusiasts can also enjoy this opportunity.
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3. Casa din Parc Pension *** Covasna

Located in the centre of Covasna, the parc house means relaxation, silence and fresh air. The city`s subsoil is very rich in mineral and medicinal waters, which is why Covasna is often called “the city of 1000 mineral water springs”. Its natural curiosity is the Balta Dracului in the centre, which is a carbon dioxide-mineral-water-mud eruption of volcanic origin.
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4. Görgő Pension *** Șugaș Băi

Șugaș Băi, located a few kilometers from Sfântu Gheorghe, offers experiences in winter and summer as well: you can refresh yourself at the mineral water springs, in the wellness and treatment centre, get healed in the mofetta and also admire the landscape on hiking trails or mountain bike trails. You can discharge your energy on the two ski slopes, on the climbing walls, and on the tennis or mini-golf courses, with Görgő Pension representing the centre of this tranquillity.
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5. Mókus Pension **** Bicfalău

The guesthouse and the sports centre were projected professionally in the splendours of nature. With its quiet environment and clean air, it is the perfect place for those who want a refuge from the noise of cities and from the agglomeration of luxury hotels, so they can rest and recharge their batteries in the middle of nature - the pension is surrounded by mountains, forests and glades. Bicfalău is the richest settlement in mansions in Covasna County.
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6. Pensiunea Sólyomkő ** Bixad

The guesthouse offers the peaceful and calm atmosphere of the village’s landscape. At about 18 km far from Bixad you can discover the only volcanic crater lake in Eastern Europe, Lake St. Anne, and the Mohos Peat-Bog, which is also a natural rarity. It is an ideal place to relax for all ages.
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7. Tódor Pension *** Comolău

The familiar guesthouse in Comolău awaits its guests in a wonderful and quiet environment. Near Comolău is the Reci birches nature reserve, which offers an excellent opportunity for a pleasant walk, as many species of flora and fauna are present there. The beauty of the landscape attracts professional photographers but also film producers. In 2003, a scene from the American film “Cold Mountain” was shot in the Reci birches.
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8. Vár Pension *** Băile Bálványos

Vár Pension is located in Băile Bálványos, in one of the most beautiful holiday resorts of Covasna County, at an altitude of 850 m above sea level in the Carpathian Bend. The town is a popular resort, one of the interesting places in the area is the folk bathing-places. There are many sights nearby: the ruins of Bálványos Castle stand at an altitude of 1,040 meters, the Büdös Cave in Turia is located on the outskirts of the settlement, and Lake St. Anne and the Mohos Peat-Bog are 10 km away.
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Vass Guesthouse *** Zălan

An authentic environment awaits the guests visiting Zălan, who can taste the local flavours. Visitors to the Vass Guesthouse can get acquainted with the everyday life of the small village farm. The town is famous for its plums and the firewater made from them. Furthermore, there are many springs in the area as well. Visitors have the opportunity to hike, either on foot, by bike or by SUV.
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Vörös Guesthouse *** Târgu Secuiesc

Vörös Guesthouse is located in the heart of Târgu Secuiesc, the guesthouse offers rooms with terrace and wonderful views of the city center. The narrow lane-like built-in alleys opening from gateways give the town's main square a unique aspect. The exhibitions in the “Incze László” Museum of the History of Guilds present primarily the past guild life of the town, the manufacturing of gingerbread, as well as the casting of cannons from the time of the Hungarian revolution and independence war in 1848-1849. A special attraction is the doll collection presenting national folk costumes, hundreds of „Zsuzsi” and “Andris” (Susan and Andrew) dolls are dressed in miniaturized costumes.
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