The Balaton of Covasna County

It was created in the ’80s as a reservoir for the irrigation of the beautiful fields in Câmpul Frumos (which literally means Beautiful Field in Romanian). The revolutionary times, however, intervened and put the nearly ninety hectares of water to a different use. Of course, the people of the area have always been up for a dip in the lake, and the trees and hills around it could tell of unbridled youth gatherings and the immobility of the anglers who are petrified by the long hours of tense attention. Sadly, there are plenty of stories about irresponsible bathers, as well, who were never allowed to return home from the lake in Pădureni. The Balaton of Covasna County attracts hikers and refreshment seekers in large numbers from other regions. Especially those who like to have the first coffee of the day while admiring the stillness of the water at dawn, and who are not afraid to invest in some real estate to do this. In hot summer days, the water is softly caressing already in the early hours, and the surroundings are enlivened by the chorus of wild birds in the small reedbed at the mouth of the Pădureni stream flowing into the lake. 
This soul-stimulating water paradise lies not quite twenty kilometres from Sfântu Gheorghe. It takes nothing to get there. At any time, for anyone.

Samu Csinta

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