7 amazing mansions from Covasna County reintroduced in the touristic circuit

7 amazing mansions from Covasna County reintroduced in the touristic circuit

Do you know why Covasna County received the name “Land of Mansions”? Because there are nearly 160 mansions, middle nobility manor-houses, and smaller castles in its territory. Most of them are empty now, or are private properties serving as family residences, however many are made available for visiting tourists as well.
Here you can find out more about the seven amazing mansions from Covasna County that were reintroduced in the touristic circuit:

Mikes-Szentkereszty Mansion, Zagon

The mansion had been built in the 17th century, evidenced by the wood beam with the 1632 scripture on it. It is considered to be the birth house of Kelemen Mikes, the chamberlain of Francis II Rákóczi. The four memorial exhibition rooms of the museum received their names after the personalities that were related to Zagon: Géza Domokos, Manyi Kiss, Vilmos Csutak and Kelemen Mikes. After visiting the memorial exhibitions from the mansion, the two Mikes oak-trees are a must-see as well. The huge trees are more than 300 years old.
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Damokos Gyula Mansion, Cernat

The mansion was built between the 17th–19th centuries and the exterior got its neo-classicist look in 1831. Today it houses the Haszmann Pál Museum and there is an open air museum on the two hectares territory surrounding the mansion. Inside the mansion, visitors can view artefacts related to its institutional history, painted furniture and folk costumes exhibitions. Don`t miss the exhibition on Hungarian iron-casting, the so called “stove museum” from the vaulted cellar of the mansion.
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Koréh-Dénes Mansion, Bicfalău

The mansion was built in the 17th century. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful manor-houses from Bicfalău. The old decorations and style were restored during its renovation, including its exterior decoration paintings from the 18th century and the stucco-decoration on its door, made in 1830. It presently functions as a family residence and is the headquarters of the Transylvanian Art and Heritage Association, but it can be visited with advance booking. If requested, its owners organize guided visiting tours to the mansions from the village and can also show you the exhibitions of the Bicfalău Cultural Centre.
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Benke Mansion***** Moacșa

The 19th century neo-classicist mansion`s last owner was László Benke, who was deported to the Danube Delta in 1949, the mansion becoming the headquarters of the Agricultural Producers' Cooperative. Today it functions as a five-star hotel and awaits its guests with the comforts of the 21th century, combining the benefits of a luxury hotel with the spontaneity of a guest house. Visitors can rent bicycles to explore the area, or try riding in a horse-drawn carriage. Guests can also make use of the tennis court that is near the mansion.
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Gaál Mansion* Dalnic

The mansion was built on the site of painter Miklós Barabás`s house of birth. Its building year, 1844, is signed by a stone tablet. The patinated building was renovated with great care and also includes a common yard. The newly built Barn is suitable for hosting smaller groups of guests, who can, on demand, get to taste the traditional food. Furthermore, a Finnish sauna, a heated bathtub, a football pitch, a playground, darts and billiards are also available to help guests relax. 
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Nagy Mansion**** Coșeni

The mansion was built in 1802. An interesting curiosity is that the mansion hosted two famous authors of that century during their tour. In 1884 it hosted Mór Jókai, and Kálmán Mikszáth in 1887. The spacious, unique and sophisticatedly furnished rooms take you on a journey to long forgotten times, while at the same time offering the comforts of the 21th century. Visitors can also try out the services of the beauty salon! We highly recommend this pension to those who enjoy the atmosphere of the early 19th century period.
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Zöld Diófa Pension*** Bicfalău

A part of the Zöld Diófa pension operates in the Zátyi mansion, having been built in 1801 and evidenced by the inscription on the wood beam from the living room ceiling. The other building was newly and interestingly constructed in the same style and is located near the forest, in the middle of a one-hectare orchard. The majority of the ingredients found in the served meals come from its own production, so Zöld Diófa pension is the perfect choice for those looking to taste traditionally prepared meals.
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