Nádika bath


Ghelința 527090, Romania


The entire Szeklerland, and within, Covasna county are especially rich in popular baths, which were regularly used by the locals before the communist regime, but after the nationalization of the territories these community facilities were destroyed and became unusable. Recently, on the initiative of the Ars Topia Foundation from Hungary, several popular baths of this kind have been restored and made usable all over Szeklerland.

In summer 2017 Ghelinţa hosted a ten-day bath constructing voluntary co-operative work supported, besides the organizing foundation, also by the local government and the Vinca Minor Association. The construction work required a significant amount of lumber, 55 cubic meters of planks and wood, which the saw mills from Ghelinţa transported to the site on the first request of the village leaders; others supported the initiative with food and other smaller things.

The participants of the voluntary co-operative work built a community house, a spring area covered with shingles, a dressing cabin, a 3x3 m2 and 140 cm deep basin and a hollow playground; they assembled sunbeds and signposts. The design and construction of the Spiral Hill was carried out by Alpár Péter artist.

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