The Fortified Church of Aita Mare

Fortified churches


Aita Mare 527005, Romania


The Unitarian Church-fortress of Aita Mare has fortified walls, surrounded by a 5m high thick wall, with two bastions in two opposite corners. The fortress is located at the highest point of the village, also called “Raven’s Nest”. According to the documents, the defence walls were built in the second half of the XVIth century or
the early XVIIth century. In the inner court is situated the church, which reveals gothic architectural imprints. The most conspicuous elements of this religious edifice are the chalice-like pulpit, consisting of four boxes carved in stone, and a stone balustrade dating from 1710. Considering the antiqueness of the pulpit, it is the sixth oldest dais in Transylvania. Noteworthy are the inner boxes painted with colorful ornaments, specific to the local ethnographic area.

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