Bucket list experience in Covasna County

Bucket list experience in Covasna County

Many of us have dreamt of admiring the landscape from a bird's eye view, between the clouds and just watch as the landscape becomes smaller and smaller. Not many dared to imagine that this dream could ever come true. In Târgu Secuiesc dreams can come true! Now you can enjoy the spectacular view of Covasna County during an unforgettable hot-air balloon trip. About this new, innovative tourism business we talked with Izolda Katalin Kovács, owner of X Balloon Transylvania.

From where did the idea to start a hot-air balloon business, in Covasna County, come from? When and how did you take the decision to do it?

We lived abroad for seven years and wanted to move home. Since we are both from Târgu Secuiesc, we thought to start a business here, definitely related to tourism. My husband dreamt it and we knew that there wasn’t a similar possibility in the area yet, so it would be a totally new touristic service. My husband graduated from the pilot school and thanks to the start-up project implemented by the Covasna County’s Council we managed to get the funds to start the business.

We might think that winter is not a good time to try hot-air ballooning. What`s the difference between a summer flight and a winter flight, except for the cold?

Summer is not the best season for hot-air ballooning, actually autumn and winter are better for us, mainly because of the weather and on the other hand landing is also easier. I would say that the scenery is also more beautiful. Our balloon basket is for five people, but during the summer we are not able to carry as many people.

What do you think, how open are tourists to try out new things? Are they searching for services that offer unique experiences?

Hot-air ballooning is a bucket list experience, many will be able to take it off their list, once they have the possibility to try it out. I consider that many young people want to try out new things. Or to buy, as a gift, an experience for someone, who can`t afford it.

What is your plan for the future?

In the future, we would like to work with tourism companies and hotels, in order to attract new tourists. We would like to offer a new touristic service that allows us to show the beauty of our area from above.
Article published in 2020 

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