Human Voice, Apostolic Blessing

A community is most likely to identify with a sports team, because we've all tried running or kicking and throwing balls, so it's a familiar feeling. And while it's likely that everyone, without exception, has done a minimum of humming, we look at the stars of different musical genres differently, not necessarily with an “I could do that” feeling. 
This may partly explain the prestige of the Vox Humana Chamber Choir from Sfântu Gheorghe. This musical formation, which is 50 years old this year, was founded by young music teachers, and under the leadership of conductor Zsolt Szilágyi, it has achieved considerable international success. The choir even made it to the papal audience in 1982, and it has proudly carried the oath of allegiance from Pope John Paul II ever since: “Teach the people of God to sing beautifully and devoutly. My apostolic blessing on you.” 
Vox Humana, having been conducted for ten years by Zsolt Herbert Szilágyi, the son of the founding conductor, is on new but no less successful paths. Participation in last year's major production of the rock opera Stephen the King in Szeklerland - the revival of the performance will continue this year - was an experience that was hard to beat. In addition to its own career, the chamber choir also plays a key role in promoting choral singing in the region, as the attractiveness of the genre, which already has a long tradition in Covasna County, is only strengthened by the success of the ensemble celebrating its half-century of existence.

Samu Csinta

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