In the land of mansions and watermills

In the land of mansions and watermills

Historical time travel / Tradition programs


Starting point: Târgu Secuiesc.
Program description and route: Târgu Secuiesc, Cernat, Dalnic, Moacșa.
Attractions: Târgu Secuiesc (Guild History Museum, House of Collections from the 19th century, historic city centre), Dalnic, castle church, Gaál mansion; Cernat, Pál Haszmann Museum (open-air museum), Ika tower, Virág watermill, Kászoni Mihály blacksmith's workshop, castle church, mansions; Moacșa, Óriáspince-tető (Óriáspince hill), Gábor Áron obelisk, Besenyő Lake. 
Duration: 1 day.
Difficulty: easy walking (5 on a scale of 1-10).
Required equipment: raincoat, hiking boots.

Spoken languages

  • Romanian
  • Hungarian


  • Easy

Tour guide

  • Kis Emese


  • Târgu Secuiesc/ Kézdivásárhely
  • Cernat/ Csernáton
  • Moacșa/ Maksa
  • Dalnic/ Dálnok

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