Jenő Szabó – the man who lives truly under water

I first met Jenő Szabó about 8 years ago. He gave a presentation on diving and his plans. I could have listened for hours, as he told us about his encounter with speleology, his underwater adventures, and his passion for the world of water. I listened with awe to his words as he talked about being part of Jacques-Yves Cousteau's team when he was a student – they explored the Danube Delta and the drowned churches. Say what?! – I asked myself. There is an actual person among us who dived with the famous captain Cousteau? And is still so humble and modest?! I went home and started searching the web to find out who this "fellow" was. Well, Jenő Szabó has been involved in the exploration of Callatis, the underwater city; he has returned dolphins to their living environment after they "retired"; he is a certified diver examiner. Not far from

Sfântu Gheorghe, in Dalnic, he has created an artificial lake to teach diving and conduct underwater research. Since then a lot of exciting things have been happening here: they provide aquatic therapy for children with disabilities; in December they set up a Christmas tree in the 9 m deep lake. Jenő’s son, Kolos – who, of course, is also a diving instructor – came up with the idea of the underwater bar, where one can taste the Tiltott Csíki Sör (literally Banned Beer from Ciuc) – if one succeeds because it’s not that simple... But don’t let that stop you from visiting My Lake in Dalnic, where glamping is now also available.

Szidónia Fazakas-Csoma

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