Just like home

Our summer this year began in Covasna County, more precisely at Malnaș Băi, which is a nice, quiet place, probably a little bit forgotten by the world, but which has been bearing a symbolic value since my childhood. Everyone, from young to old – two families, each with two children – was captivated by the forests, flowers, meadows, mountains, lakes, and mineral waters. We enjoyed and appreciated the colours and the order of the villages. We went through Covasna, going from Balvanyoș to Târgu Secuiesc, from Tălișoara to Cernat, from Covasna to Sfântu Gheorghe and the other way round. We went all the way up to the Castle of the Fairies, we visited every mansion and castle, and were enlivened by the beauty and the good. We ate delicious big meals at the mansions and the gingerbread workshops, just like “at home, with MOM.” We enjoyed the taste of the kürtőskalács (chimney cake), the fresh homemade bread with potato, and the goulash. We loved Covasna County, and plan to return!

Diana Cotoros

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