Kürtőskalács - festival of sweet flavours

Kürtőskalács - festival of sweet flavours


Sfântu gheorghe, Covasna, Romania

Kürtőskalács - the festival of sweet flavours - 13-15 september 2019

Fifteen teams will compete for the title of Szeklerland's Best Chimnay Cake of the Year, on the Festival of Sweet flavors organised in Sfântu Gheorghe between September 13-15. This year will be baked the longest chimnaycake from the region, and the Budapest Chimnay Cake Shop will be open during the festival.

Kürtőskalács (chimney cake) is the feast of the Szekler families, it is a symbol of the Transylvanian Hungarians and is declared as hungarikum product. The most delicious kürtőskalács is the freshly baked, crusty and softy cake. The festival of sweet flavour celebrates each year this simple ad elegant delicacy.

In every edition of the festival the main goal is to find the "Kürtőskalács of the Year in the Szekler Land" - a cake prepared according to a traditional recipe but combining with new flavours. We have also a creative category when everyone is invited to come with inovative ideas.

In addition to the contest the festival offers many curiosities to children and adults: its program includes activities for children, concerts, handicrafts market and so on.

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