Hotel TTS mofetta - Covasna


Str. Mihai Eminescu, Nr. 225, Covasna, Romania, 527016


The TTS **** SPA & WELLNESS HOTEL COVASNA is easily located due to its remarkable architecture and excellent location. It is located in the famous Valley of the Fairies area of Covasna resort, at 564 m altitude, at about 100 m from the main street. Full silence and clean mountain air are just two of the advantages of spending a few days at the hotel.

The hotel's maximum capacity is 116 seats in 58 rooms. Also, because we are not talking about leisure and treatment tourism only, but also about business, we offer a specially designed meeting and event space, two conference rooms (capacity of 100 seats) equipped with a projector, portable videoprojector, flipchart, pinwand, overhead projector, TV, video, CD-DVD player, wi-fi. Also, your breaks during the sessions will be rewarded with relaxing moments in the lobby bar next door to the conference room.

The hotel's restaurant, open from 7.30 to 23.00, offers quality service and ambient music, whether you're craving, gourmets, amateurs of exquisite tastes, or you want a "home-like" meal.
The spa treatment, with exceptional results in cardiovascular diseases, is one of the main tourist attractions and has made Covasna a resort of national interest, also launched on the international market, recognized as the "heart" resort or "The city of the 1000 springs" .

Thus, TTS SPA & WELLNESS COVASNA offers tourists a wide range of balneoclimatic treatments such as natural factors treatment (CO2 baths, mofetes), electrotherapy (low, medium and high frequency currents), hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, kinetotherapy, inhalation and aerosol therapy, medical massage.

The Covasna Resort is located in the south-eastern part of the Brasov Depression, in the Carpathian Curve, at the foot of the Vrancea Mountains and the Bratz Mountains. It is also know for its mineral waters and mofets, being also called the "City of the 1000 Health Springs".

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