Ethnographic museums in the Baraolt Depression

Ethnographic museums in the Baraolt Depression

"Those who want to read the future must turn the pages of the past" 

For those who visit the Baraolt Depression, I would like to recommend two smaller but all the more interesting sights, two local ethnographic museums, the visit of which will certainly provide lasting memories not only for lovers of antiques, old curiosities, but also for those who like to listen to old stories, are interested in local historical curiosities,  in the traditional way of life that is now part of our past. 

One of these ethnographic museums is located in Bățanii Mari, on Csinód Street, on the road to Aita Seacă, at nr. 347, where the host is uncle Vili Kusztos. For the other, you have to go to Valea Zălanului, where you will find the Village Museum on the left side of the village centre, set up by Barna Préda, a young man from the local area. 

The two "museum owners" have in common that they are both great admirers of our past and traditions, they have been collecting and guarding the objects from which they eventually created their collections for years. In honor of the local past, they decided to make them public. Do not avoid these two curiosities in the Baraolt Depression, even if it is a full-day programme, as it takes time to get to the secluded Valea Zălanului by car, but in return, you can have unforgettable experiences, and meet unforgettable stories, along with the value-creating everyday life of our grandparents' world.

Ferenc Böjte 

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