The mofetta from Sugásfürdő (Băile Șugaș)


Șugaș Băi, Romania


Natural dry gas discharge

 “One of the attractions of the Sugás Baths is the Gőzlő (Steamer) or Gyilkosbarlang (Killer Cave). In the cave’s carbonic acid gas, many rheumatic patients and people tired of life, at odds with fate and themselves, sought and found healing. It is a rare year when the cave does not take its victim” – wrote Vilmos Hankó in his book about Szeklerland in 1896.
According to oral and written tradition, it was here, with the help of a mine shaft, that a rich military officer, desperate for gold, searched for “treasure”, believing the yellowish shimmering pyrite crystals in the Carpathian sandstone to be gold. But the treasure originally thought to be gold was found to be carbon dioxide, a suffocating medicinal gas.  
The still-standing building of the Sugásfürdő mofetta was erected in 1894 and renovated along with the spa and resort village by the Municipality of Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfântu Gheorghe) and is now a well-organised satellite spa and nearby resort of the county seat, where a modern leisure and treatment centre is also operating. In front of the mofetta building there is a frigidarium with gently simmering mineral water – it could even be called a water mofetta because of its gaseous bottom sources –, which is not functioning today. 

The mofetta gas from Sugás is considered by geologists studying the area to be of volcanic origin. 64.1% carbon dioxide was measured in its gas. Its natural radon level is 280 pCi/l. 

Medical indication: This mofetta offers symptomatic treatment for cardiovascular problems.
Usage: Approaching the mofetta requires caution; it can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Before entering the dry bath, you should be well rested, and the gas level should be checked. The easiest way to do this is the open flame test: where the flame goes out, you should not bend down anymore. Occasional, single use should not exceed 10 minutes.

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