5 recommendations for the winter period in Sepsi Chair

5 recommendations for the winter period in Sepsi Chair

Ice skating

Skating lovers, when visiting Sfântu Gheorghe, can choose between two ice rinks, one outdoor, right in the city centre, the other, indoor, at the Sepsi Arena. 
What might make the ice rink at Piața Libertății a little more popular than the one at the Arena is the opening hours, which are open to the public all week until 9pm, and the enticing smell of kürtőskalács or lángos in the city's central park. If winter sports enthusiasts want their sliding space to be more spacious, and covered, then the ice rink at Arena Sepsi is the perfect choice. Visitors are welcome here from Friday to Sunday, and skate rental is also available. 

Foto: Sepsi ReKreatív

Șugaș Băi

The resort of Șugaș Băi is a superb winter destination, awaiting ski fans with 2 ski slopes, one of 250 m and the other of 560 m, weather permitting of course. In addition to the above, visitors can also enjoy relaxing moments at the resort's treatment centre, where they can have a massage with jade stones, a mineral water massage and a sauna, or at the Șugaș Spa, where they can choose the steam bath, sauna or hot or cold water pool. 
We recommend the Sepsi Tour tourist train as a means of transport to Șugaș Băi, for a memorable journey through the forest, during which you will spend quality time with family and friends.

Foto: Kocsis Boldizsár János


Bicfalău, a small village with only a few hundred souls, is a unique location, worth visiting for its cultural richness. We can still count today more than 30 stone-built mansions, most of them in the middle of vast gardens, which in winter, thanks to their beauty and environment, resemble a place out of fairy tales, which we invite you to discover. The Koréh-Dénes Manor, even if it is privately owned, can be visited with a prior reservation, and at the request of visitors, the hosts can take them on a walk through the village, stopping at the Bicfalău Cultural Centre, where there are ceramic stoves, archival images of the manor houses of Covasna County, and the exhibition The Magic of Bicfalău Village. 

Barabás Riding Centre

Regardless of age, all horse lovers and horse riders are welcome at the Barabás Riding Centre in Arcuș to spend a few precious hours in the company of horses. In winter, even if the temperatures are colder, a horse riding session will certainly warm both your body and soul, and if the snow cover is suitable for a horse-drawn sleigh ride, don't hesitate to take a ride. Whatever activity you choose at Barabás Riding Centre, you will certainly not regret it.   

Foto: Centrul de echitație Barabás

The Reci birches

On a sunny winter's day, dress up and set off on a short ride! Don't forget your children or pets at home either, and if it's snowing and sledging is welcome, this of course more for the little ones! If you're wondering where, we have the answer, in the The Reci birches. Here you have 3 marked trails that can be walked, all of easy difficulty, namely, the Homárka Trail, the Fairy Trail and the Birch Trail. In addition to the trails listed above, you will also discover the Legend’s road, which is primarily recommended for children, during which, with the help of QR codes that you will find at the 5 stations along the trail, you will be able to discover the fairytale world of Covasna County.

Foto: Kocsis Boldizsár János

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