The Ambassadors of Basketball

Experts in the field believe that culture and sport are the most effective tools for developing the image of a city. There may be something to it since two of the most famous Hungarian personalities in the world are the composer Béla Bartók and the footballer Ferenc Puskás. But it is not only along this logical line that we can say: one of the best-known ambassadors of Sfântu Gheorghe is the women's basketball team Sepsi-SIC. Having recently won their eighth Romanian Cup in a row, the "Green-and-Whites" - on their way to their seventh title - have taken the name of the capital of Covasna County to every corner of the continent.
The success story started with a cup win in 2008, and then, with the exception of one year, the team led by Zoran Mikes has been at the forefront of women's basketball in Romania for the last decade, becoming the domestic absolute leader in the sport. Its sporting success, the good conditions offered by the Sepsi Arena, the high level of fan interest, and the guaranteed competent and enthusiastic atmosphere have made the club the most respected organizing partner of the national association. Europe's most prestigious teams have turned up within the walls of Sfântu Gheorghe, spreading the word about a warm-hearted city that respects all the written and unwritten rules of hospitality. Where even a basketball game is a different experience from anywhere else in the country.

Samu Csinta

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