Top 9 fishing lakes in Covasna County

In Covasna County the visitors can also indulge in their fishing passion. Most lakes not only offer a fishing experience, but also recreational opportunities. Visit Covasna has collected the top 9 fishing lakes in Covasna County. Read the article below and go visit the lakes!

Article published in 2020

1. Moacșa-Pădureni Lake

Moacșa-Pădureni Lake is the most popular place of the fishermen. In its water there are: grass carp, ivy, pike, bream, crucian carp, carp, perch, perch pike and rudd. There is also possibility for ice fishing in winter. The Wildlife Sport Fishing and Hunting Association periodically repopulates fishes in the lake, and a fisherman can take home 5 kg of caught fish.

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2. Reci Lake

The lake near the settlement of Reci is a popular bathing and fishing place. Reci Lake was formed from the artificially swollen Negru River. The Tavirózsa motel was built on the shore, and awaits the tourists and hikers with guest rooms and a spacious restaurant. Next to it, vis-a-vis the Reci Nature Reserve, stands the millennium pine forest planted in 1896 with weekend houses.
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3. Fűzi Lake

The lake has been welcoming its guests since 2013, and from then many innovations have been made for the comfort of the guests. The deepest point of the lake is 4.5 meters. In its water there are a large numbers of crucian carp, grass carp, carp, asp and pike. The repopulation of the lake takes place at appropriate intervals, so the fish stock is always large in it. There is also a swimming pool, a bath tub, a sauna and a playground on the lake`s territory, which are available to all guests. In addition, fully equipped rooms are provided upon request in Fűzitó Guesthouse. All conditions are in place for proper rest and relaxation.

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4. Bixad Fishing Lake

The Bixad Lake-system consists of seven smaller lakes, with a total water surface area of little more than two hectares. Many fish species can be found in the lakes, both peaceful fish and predators. In the lakes, all fishing methods are allowed to use, as well as night fishing. In addition, it is also possible to camp on the lake shore.

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5. Magic Lake

Only 9 km from Sfântu Gheorghe, the fishing lake in the settlement of Szotyor, is a real paradise for the lovers of angling. It awaits its guests every day from 6 am to 8 pm.

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6. Belin Fishing Lake

About 35 km from Sfântu Gheorghe, in the settlement of Belin there has been fishing opportunities for several years. The lakes were restarted in 2019, under the administration of the local authorities. The livestock weights more than 2000 kg of fish, and the lake is located on 8 hectares. 

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7. Ilieni Fishing Lakes

The two lakes specially designed for fishing and picnics are located at the foot of the Ilieni forest, in a pleasant environment. One of the lakes has mainly carp, but there is also crucian carp and perch as well. The other lake has mainly predatory fish such as trout and pike.

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8. Șugaș Lake

The surface area of the two lakes next to the road leading to Șugaș Băi is approx. 2.5 hectares. Thanks to the continuous repopulation, it has a rich fish stock. The upper lake is for anglers, where all fish caught must be thrown back, but some of the fish caught can be taken home from the lower lake. The two lakes of Șugaș are suitable for spending family weekends and pleasant afternoons.

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9. Casa Pompelor Lake Baraolt

The water surface area of the lake in Baraolt covers 8 hectares, the most common fish species in it being carp, grass carp and crucian carp. The lake is also a regular venue for various competitions.

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