The active weekend of the Outdoor Magazine team in Covasna County

The active weekend of the Outdoor Magazine team in Covasna County

The Outdoor Magazine team, made up by Dan Izvoreanu, coordinating editor who is passionate about mountains and via ferrata type trails, Vasile Cipcigan, editor and alpine rescuer who is passionate about mountains, and Cosmin Oșorhean, the Outdoor Magazine cameraman who is passionate about high peaks and deep abysses,  have spent their weekend in Covasna county. They explored the county’s natural wonders and its surroundings. They’ve had a lively weekend and spent the first day wandering along the traces that had been formed by post-vulcanic phenomena from the Balvanyos Baths, Saint Ana Lake, and Mohoș Bog. On the second day they ventured in the Vârghiș Keys and in the evening they visited the „Bear Cinema’ from Bodoc Mountains to observe the behaviour of bears in their natural habitat.

What was your impression about the outdoor activities and natural envirnoment that the county offers?
Dan Izvoreanu:Those were two very eventful days in which we saw a number of wonderful areas filled with touristic potential. They are unique touristic spots and attractions that deserve to be promoted and to be visited by as many people as possible. Nature is always a great place for recreation and for actively spending your free time, especially during these restricted times.

Vasile Cipcigan: Spectacular! The area offers a multitude of opportunities. As a practitioner of mountain sports I can say that the area we visited is a fantastic „playground”. From climbing and horse riding to mountain running and cycling, practitioners of these sports will find a fully dedicated area in Covasna county and its surroundings. The superb view combined with the spectacular post-vulcanic phenomena complete the scenery and give the area its own charm. What can be more spectacular for a mountain runner than a run in such a lively, active region filled with post-vulcanic phenomena?

What did you like most from your two days schedule?
Dan Izvoreanu: It’s hard for me to choose, but I can say that the Sulfurous Cave, Vârghiș Keys and the bear observatory were impressive.

Vasile Cipcigan: Visiting the post-vulcanic phenomena, especially the Balvanyos area, was what I liked the most – I was amazed by the simple yet inciting presentation of the springs. I really liked the hosts, the way they got involved in presenting the area, and let’s not forget about the Saturday evening dinner – the way an excellent day is supposed to end.

Who would you recommend to visit Covasna county?
Dan Izvoreanu: Anyone who wants to spend their free time in nature because the area is filled with forests, streams, and you can really recharge your batteries here.

Vasile Cipcigan: Certainly to everyone, the area has oportunities for people of all ages, for active or less active people. In my opinion the area challenges you, incites you, but also gives you multiple possibilities to relax. I’ll be coming back as soon as possible.

You can find out more about the Outdoor Magazine team’s weekend in Covasna county and its surroundings by reading the July-August edition of the magazine and on Facebook:

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