10 reasons to visit Covasna County, recommended by Răzvan Pascu

10 reasons to visit Covasna County, recommended by Răzvan Pascu

Răzvan Pascu is a tourism marketing consultant, and in the last few years has frequently visited Covasna County, bringing many nationally well-known journalists, bloggers and vloggers, in order to promote the local tourism. Let’s have a look at his 10 reasons why you should visit Covasna County:

1. Castles and mansions with colorful historical background, which you can not only visit, but also have accommodation in them

Covasna County is also named the “Land of Mansions” due to the fact that on the territory of Szeklerland, the most mansions, middle nobility manor-houses, and smaller castles can be found here - nearly 160 in total. Most of them are empty now, or are in private property, serving as a family home, however many are available for tourists for visiting, and for accommodation as well, experiencing a bit the „noble life” also.
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2. Traditions and craftsmanship

In Covasna County you can still find joiners, blacksmiths, carpenters, sculptors, gingerbread masters, who are happy to practice their profession and look forward to curious tourists in their own little workshops, where they introduce them into the mysteries of their occupation.
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3. Chimney cake preparation based on traditional recipes

Who wouldn`t like a delicious chimney cake with honey, walnut vanilla or cinnamon? At the same time, in Covasna County, you can also learn the tricks of making Szekler cake very easily and quickly. The festive cake of the Szekler families is a symbol of the Transylvanian Hungarians and is recognized as a Hungarikum – an item of distinction and value in Hungarian and Szekler societies. Traditionally, every year the Festivalul Deliciilor Dulci (Sweet Flavours Festival) is organized in Sfântu Gheorghe, where participants compete for the title of Szekler Chimney Cake of the Year. 
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4. The preparation of the gingerbread

The ornate delicacy is baked using natural ingredients and lots and lots of love, based on a recipe from 1880, in Târgu Secuiesc. The gingerbreads can be decorated by the visitors, according to their imagination. The county’s most famous gingerbread master, who is always a cheerful and welcoming host, can tell the advantages of this craftsmanship, which he learned from his grandmother. 
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5. Gastronomy

The simple dishes inherited from our ancestors are as delicious as the tastes of modern kitchen. The bread made with potatoes and baked in the oven is delicious with different jams, vegetable spreads (locally called “zacusca”), and with red onion, grease and bacon from local manufacturers as well. The three basic foods of Szeklers are potatoes, corn and cabbage. An indispensable meal of celebrations is stuffed cabbage rolls with meat and made from sauerkraut. At the same time, Szekler gastronomy is characterized by the oven-baked homemade bread with potatoes and by the chimney cake.
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6. Quality brandy

You don’t have to be a fan of brandy in order to be able to enjoy the different tastes and aromas of it, like peach, blueberry, quince, apple, pear, black currant, blackberry, cherry or raspberry. The brandy prepared in Covasna County is recognized at international level, due to its quality and well selected and stored fruits.  

7. Medical treatments

Thanks to the post-volcanic activities, Szeklerland, including Covasna County, is very rich in mineral waters (used in treatments and medicinal baths) and in carbon dioxide emissions, which are used in mofettas. The “Covasna-method” is used successfully to cure cardiovascular diseases for decades. The method is based on mineral water baths, mofettas, on air rich in negative ions, low-salt and low-fat diet and regular exercise. It aims to reduce classic risk factors, such as improving high blood pressure, medication overdoses, or being overweight and improving the quality of life.
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8. Visiting fortified churches

The fortified churches in Covasna County played a significant role in the lives of the locals, mainly in their role of protection, but they also had the purpose of preserving the goods of the population. Today, many churches can be visited in the area of Covasna County.
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9. Sports and active recreation

In addition to the stunning natural resources of Covasna County, it offers countless recreational opportunities. Whether it is cycling, sport fishing, horseback riding or an adventure park. It is already possible to admire Covasna County from above, during hot air ballooning, or you can visit a bear observatory. Here, everyone will find the right recreation opportunity for them.

10. Centrele SPA și de Wellness

In Covasna County there are several hotels with excellent SPA and Wellness services. Apart from small and large pools, it is possible to try, for example, the Finnish sauna, salt sauna, salt bath, providing the perfect opportunity to relax at the end of the day.

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