A Slide in Băile Șugaș

It had snowed beautifully the night before, so I was looking forward to Saturday morning. I liked the winding road from Sfântu Gheorghe to Băile Șugaș, because sometimes the sunlight filtered through the trees of the forest next to the road. I consider myself lucky because the town’s satellite settlement, which offers so many recreational opportunities in all four seasons, is only 10 km from where I live and is easily accessible. 

Arriving at the resort, the number of cars in the parking lot told me that I had arrived late, that I would not be sliding in “virgin snow”, but I was happy to see life on the piste. As a warm-up, I chose the shorter 250 m long piste, followed by the longer 560 m long one, which had even more snow thanks to the snow cannons. I enjoyed and sight of fresh snow crunching and powdering while braking. The noise of children was refreshing, and it was a pleasure to watch kindergartners and schoolchildren filling the pistes and the sledge tracks. 

Although the temperature was not record-breakingly low, it was nice to have a hot tea and steamed dumplings in the Tribel Aprés Ski Bar after skiing. Judging by the number of guests, it was not only skiers who wanted to relax here, but also hikers on the Görgő Peak, and people having a bath or going for a sauna in the Sugas spa. 

Băile Șugaș, we will meet again many times!


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