Apa Roșie Peat Bog

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Lemnia, Romania


The place is a Natura 2000 site since 2007. The area is located in the Nemira Mountains, in the Apa Rosie creek (Red Water creek) basin, at an altitude of 990-1030 m, on a substrate of flysch (sandstone).

The peat bog from this site preserves three peatland habitats of Community interest, two of which are a priority for conservation, given their very good state of preservation due to isolation.

The site has very well preserved natural structures of forest habitats represented by a great diversity of ages and dimensions, with the presence of a massive natural regeneration of the tree species important for the habitat, as well as the vigorous growing of the scots pine and the moor birch.

The site is complex, in its composition we can find peat glades with scots pine, norway spruce and moor birch alternating with oligotrophic and meso-oligotrophic peat bogs.

On the higher places, one could encounter small areas of acidophilous spruce. The trees are characterized by a high dimensional variability, the natural regeneration being active.

The associations of herbaceous plants have a high floral diversity.

The peatlands shelter populations from two species of community interest, Ligularia sibirica and Angelica palustris, both of which have a good conservation status.

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