The Nature Reserve Vârghiș Gorges

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Cheile Vârghișului, Jud. Covasna, Romania


The Nature Reserve Vârghiş Gorges is the ideal place for hiking and caving.

The nature reserve is in the northern part of Perșani Mountains and is crossed by the Vârghiş river. It consists of numerous limestone cliffs and geomorphologic formations.

The length of this wonder is about 4 km.

On the road of exploration, limestone cliffs, vertical mountain-sides, limestone towers (Pigeons Tower, Csala Tower), pit caves, sinkholes, creeks are making the journey more adventurous.

The cave formations have a scientific and speleological value. The caves are hiding precious archeological and paleontological treasures, a few of them being preserved and closed from the public.

Moreover, this nature reserve serves as a shelter for the largest bats population in the country (19 different species).

This beautiful area can be visited under the supervision of a local guide.

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