Ciomad-Balvanyos - protected natural area

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Băile Balvanyos, Romania


The site has a total area of 5993.34 ha located on the administrative territory of Bixad and Turia villages, in the north-central part of Covasna county, in the north of the Bodoc Mountains, south of Harghita Mountains. In the north it borders with the Natura 2000 site Lake St. Ana and Mohoş peat bog ; in the west it overlaps on an area of ​​1805.32 ha site with the Bodoc Mountains-Baraolt Special Bird Protection site.

Ciomad-Puturosu Massif is the youngest volcanic formation of the Harghita Mountains. The average altitude is 914 m with 641 m minimum and 1244 m maximum. It is characterized by a high relief energy, with significant variations in the inclination of the slopes, with caves or different sizes. It is a volcanic area, characterized by post-volcanic phenomena such as sulfurous and carbon dioxide-filled pits, grottos and caves of all sizes, mofettes, mineral water springs with a large variety of mineral content, taste and smell.

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