Bodoc-Baraolt Mountain - Nature 2000 protected area


Covasna, Romania


The site fully covers the Baraolt Mountains and partially the Bodoc Mountains, 70% of its area being covered by ​compact forests with meadows and few farmlands.

All these habitats are ideal nesting areas for raptors and black storks, but also for several species characteristic to the beech forests.

The site preserves important populations from 21 species protected at European level, almost all of which are nesting, except for the red-footed falcon and the ferruginous duck which are only passing through the area.

The corn crake, which is declared a species of global conservative interest, is present with significant populations.

The site also preserves important populations of the following nine species threatened at the European Union level: lesser spotted eagle, european honey buzzard, ural owl, black stork, grey-headed woodpecker, white-backed woodpecker, black woodpecker, collared flycatcher and red-breasted flycatcher.

Other important species from other groups: yellow-bellied toad (Bombina variegata), northern crested newt (Triturus cristatus), carpathian newt (Triturus montandoni)

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