Covasna County's cuisine and recommendations for what to eat after the holidays

Covasna County's cuisine and recommendations for what to eat after the holidays

Nowadays guests arriving to Covasna County, besides the attractions of the region, are uniquely open-minded and interested in gastronomy as well. They aren't curious only about the kürtöskalács, but about the typical flavours and dishes of the county as well. But what is the difference between the cuisine of Covasna County's and the European or the Sicilian? We asked Falvai János, leader chef of the Bertis group, about the county's gastronomy as well as about the relaxed post-holiday dishes.

Article published in 2020 

With abroad experience, how do you see the uniqueness of Covasna County's cuisine?

For example, it can be seen in stuffed cabbage rolls. Here we make it throughout the year, at events, at weddings and even at birthdays. Similarly, we made it in Sicily, but the biggest difference is that there it is made from sweet cabbage, while here from sauerkraut. In Sicily the sweet taste is predominant, while at us the flavours of thyme, dill and sauerkraut. One is sweet, the other sour. For me, the latter is my favourite.

Is it challenging to involve these flavours into our daily life?

No! I think, I have learnt a lot from my colleagues. If I don't know some kind of soup or any other type of dish, I am not afraid to ask questions. But this thing is true back and forth, if they need to know something about Italian or European cuisine, they ask me. It is a huge help for me that I can get those authentic flavours that I need in order to represent the cuisine of Covasna County and the Transylvanian one.

After the holidays, what specialities would you recommend for the tourists?

It must be accepted that Szeklers consume very large quantities of meat and fish. For the next few days, I would recommend light dishes like salads. For myself, I made a salad of fennel with orange, but it can be varied with other fruits as well. I think that I won't be the one who will bring the light diet to the habits of the Szeklers, but relaxing and having a fruit day after the holidays may be a good idea.

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