Culinary experiences

Culinary experiences

Quality ingredients and homemade delicious dishes will pamper you in this area. The traditional potato bread, noodles, chimney cake, ginger bread, forest fruit marmalade and double distilled plum brandy are the region's representative flavours.

We warn you that it is hard to resist the taste of potato bread freshly taken out from the oven! The best combination is with bacon and red onion. Homemade bread prepared with good quality ingredients and based on original, old recipes can be kept for several days, so it is a perfect souvenir choice from Covasna County.

The chimney cake is the most famous dessert in the area. This pastry product is a typical festive treat, you should not miss it.

The capital of the gingerbread is Târgu Secuiesc. The traditional gingerbread is prepared with a lot of honey, especially for festivities and different occasions. The heart-shaped ones are ideal gifts symbolizing true love.

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