The Storyteller Driller Man

Many people believe that the saying applies to him: what he doesn’t know, it may not even be worth knowing. Approaching his eighty-sixth birthday, geologist-journalist Zoltán Kisgyörgy is a man of wide-ranging knowledge, who, fortunately, does not hide it, and is a legendary storyteller, a fact that could be demonstrated at length by the participants of the countless readers’ meetings. He once said that he wouldn’t give the feeling for anything when he got on the train in Brașov, and a young woman sitting next to him asked: what about those bones, Uncle Zoli, that you wrote about the other day? He began to tell her a story, and suddenly they realised that the train had arrived in Sfântu Gheroghe. „I even heard the young woman say to her companion while getting off the train: „I saw Uncle Zoli the other day, he seemed quite normal, and now the poor fellow can talk for an hour about some bones...””
Unfortunately, some did not listen to him. As a geologist, he had the opportunity to see alkaline-sulphurous-smelly water bursting from a 150-metre-deep borehole in the courtyard of the county hospital, but despite his suggestion to set up a balneotherapy centre in the basement of the internal medicine department, he was ignored. 
Reading his hundreds of educational books and listening to his reviews, you’ll agree with me: he’s worth listening to. 

Samu Csinta

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