Because of the post-volcanic phenomena that occur here in Székely Land and also in the Covasna County a lot of mineral water springs have appeared. They are intensively used in balneotherapy treatments, internally and externally. The CO2 gas is used through moffetas.

The Covasna Method is successfully being used at treating cardio-vascular diseases. The aim of this method is to eliminate the risk factors for the organism by normalising hypertension, eliminate smoking, normalising blood lipids and body weight. This is obtained through a combination of treatments that are usually used for cardio-vascular diseases with specific elements that can be found in the city of Covasna: mineral waters, mofettas, the air rich in negative ions. This method, combined with a healthy life-style, a healthy diet and regular exercise are the basis for treating cardio-vascular disease without the use of medicines.

The balneotherapy resort Covasna is welcoming tourists through its hotels equipped with treatment utilities, SPA & Wellness utilities, and private mofettas. The Benedek Géza Cardio-Vascular Recovery Hospital's mofetta can accommodate 100 patients simultaneously.

When is the Covasna Method recommended?

- cardio-vascular disease: vasoconstriction induced by atherosclerosis, inflammatory conditions of vascular and connective tissue, Raynaud disease, hypertension, stable onset of angina, recovery after myocardial infarction, postoperative cardiac disease, cerebral vascular accident, chronic cerebellar thrombosis
- other recommendations: chronic degenerative joint disease, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility

Mofetta Covasna balneoclimateric resort SPA Balvanyos Resort

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