Sugaș Băi


In Sugaș Băi guests have plenty of recreational opportunities to choose from, both in winter and summer. There are also two ski slopes for winter sports enthusiasts. In summer a mini golf course, a forest adventure park and a climbing wall are available. The use of the recreation complex with a gym, table tennis and wellness area is independent of season. 

Hiking and cycling are also possible in the area.

There are two marked cycling routes: “EasyRide” in blue and “Ride” in red. 

EasyRide is a light, in some places moderately difficult, 16.70 km long route with a level difference of 500 m, while Ride is a medium difficulty, 17.53 km long one with 660 m level difference. Both start from the toll barrier on the driveway leading to Sugaș Băi, from where EasyRide runs along the ridge and Ride rises to Görgő peak, as arriving to the top of Sugaș Băi and then descending back to the starting point on the old road of Sugaș Băi.

Hikers can take a real all day long, 10-12 hours, 28 km, medium-difficulty hike around Sugaș Băi following the red dot sign. The route, dotted with wooded parts and clearings, will start from the Büdös well in Sfântu Gheorghe, touching Vâlcele and the spring called Gyertyános well to the 1017 m high Görgő peak. From here, through Sugaș Băi, and through a small ascent of Sikó mountain, the road descends all the way to the end of the tour, which will be in Kálvin square, Sfântu Gheorghe.

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