”I think this year will still be difficult for everyone and the recovery period will follow next year” – interview with Zoltán Bálinth, the owner of Vasaló Ház (House of Old Irons) in Arcuș

Zoltán Bálinth from Arcuș has collected old objects since he was a child. He was 15 years old when he had ridden on his bike to the Haszmann Pál Museum in Cernat and Haszmann Pál, the director at that time, had asked him to hand in his collection of antiquities. His collection remained in the museum for two years. With time, he started collecting antiquities at home, hoping that one day he can also open a museum in his village, in Arcuș. His dream has come true, and the museum now welcomes visitors. Today, he awaits his guests in a small guesthouse as well, with diverse services.

Could you tell us a little bit about the guest house?
The House of Old Irons has been functioning since 2018 and it was named after my iron collection. We await our guests with a total of eight rooms, with double and triple ones. All our rooms have separate entrances from the outside. The building was redesigned in such a way to enter the rooms from outdoors. All rooms have separate bathrooms, too. We allow guests with small animals and, at the same time, we have discounts for families. We also have a playground in the yard and a play area inside the guesthouse as well. 

How can tourists visiting the place spend their free time?
For the tourists visiting us we recommend the museum of Arcuș, where they can find everything from cradles to coffins. Today, the museum has more than eight thousand antiquities and has exposed an iron collection of 426 pieces as well. At the same time, there is a family in the village who makes gingerbread, and tourist can participate at hand craft workshops. For those wanting active recreation we recommend the Barabás Riding Centre, or we can take a walk or go hiking in the surrounding areaand collect herbs – I guide guests on these tours and show them what herbs can be collected according to the season.   

We are facing the second wave of the coronavirus, why can tourists feel safe at your guest house?
I think the most important is that we disinfect after each guest and at the same time the rooms have separate entrances from outdoors. As such, guests don`t have to cross a corridor, they enter from the outside, from the fresh air. Apart from this, we follow all the regulations, we have hand sanitizers, and we also use protective mask. We pay attention to how we welcome guests and distance regulations are marked to avoid forming a crowd.

What do you think about the future?
I think this year will still be difficult for everyone and the recovery period will follow next year. The pandemic is not going to stop from one day to the next, things are not going to be as usual anytime soon. People are still very uncertain and it is a financially unstable period as well.

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