,,We are open for the city, for our guests” – interview with Gabriella Bartók, the sales and marketing director of the public swimming pool at Sfântu Gheorghe- Sepsi ReKreatív

,,We are open for the city, for our guests” – interview with Gabriella Bartók, the sales and marketing director of the public swimming pool at Sfântu Gheorghe- Sepsi ReKreatív

The summer is here, the weather is good, so it`s time to rest and relax, however taking in consideration the current pandemic situation, tourists are concerned about their safety. They want to spend their free time in a safe environment, as such, pools are a very good alternative. We talked with Gabriella Bartók, the selling and marketing director of Sepsi ReKreatív, about the safety measures they introduced and why she recommends the public swimming pool to the guests.

Could you tell us a little bit about the establishment? 
We have five pools, one has the measures of an olimpic basin, so it is excellent for workout and sports. For children we offer different kind of pools: we have one that is 40 cm deep, and one bigger with water slide, that offers great experiences, a 17x10 meter student swimming pool and an adventure pool with neck massagers for those guests who want to relax. The water in each pool is heated to 22-25 degrees, and is disinfected through an automatic filter system, as it is required by the law, with chlorine.

How did you prepare for this season?
To the best of our ability, we try to innovate every year, to increase the quality of our services. This year, considering the current situation, our goal was to offer our services in safe conditions, according to the regulations, to this end, we provide all customers with a pre-arranged sunbed with an umbrella, in order to keep their distance, and, starting this season, it is also possible to buy tickets on the internet. Our guests can eat in the outdoor buffet, where we welcome them with a large selection of goodies, and also have an ice cream at the parlour, or they can even have a fresh drink on our terrace.

You mentioned the coronavirus: why can people feel safe at the public swimming pool? What kind of regulations did you introduce?
We introduced the obligatory regulations, so, we disinfect accordingly to the rules, therefore guests can enter in two rounds, while we disinfect completely everything. At the same time, we positioned the sunbeds according to the regulation, two by two, with two meters  between them. We can take maximum 500 guests on a round, 20 percent of our total capacity. The price of the ticket also includes the rental of the sunbeds. The indoor places can only be entered with a mask. Ticket sales have been moved to free space and the number of cash registers has doubled. At the same time, in order to make our services more accessible we have created an online interface where you can book and pay in advance, thus significantly reducing the time spent waiting for entry, as well as minimizing contact, as the guest can even present the ticket on their phone and go inside.  

Despite the fact that the public swimming pool offers a seasonal service, what do you think about the future?
I cannot predict what will happen regarding to the epidemic. If we can continue to operate with these rules and no other regulations will be required, I think we won`t lose our clients. When the weather is good, we are full, and we are very happy about that. However, in the case of further regulations, it is not likely that we will be able to operate. We are actually open for the city, for our guests. 

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