“In my experience so far, these days many people choose to travel around in the country instead of abroad due to precaution” – interview with Levente Csillag, the manager of the Panorama Boutique Hotel

“In my experience so far, these days many people choose to travel around in the country instead of abroad due to precaution” – interview with Levente Csillag, the manager of the Panorama Boutique Hotel

The name Panorama Boutique Hotel is inspired by the breathtaking views of the unspoiled forests and fields, seen from the rooms.  In addition to the special, individually designed rooms typical of boutique hotels, as a Safe Place hotel, it places great emphasis on safety and quality. As the next stop of our campaign, we talked with Levente Csillag, the manager of the hotel.

Can you tell us a bit about your hotel?
Panorama`s characteristic, as a boutique hotel, is that it is easily reachable, it is very close to the city, though still located in the midst of nature, in a beautiful environment. All of our rooms have a specific theme, they differ in size, colour and style. In total we have 19 different rooms: we have standard rooms, rooms with a terrace, apartments, double rooms, twin rooms, and a room for people with disabilities.

How can tourists visiting the location spend their time?
Our hotel offers the opportunity for undisturbed relaxation for both families and participants of corporate events and team buildings. Our SPA department awaits those wishing to relax with a hydromassage pool, a salt bath, a cold-water barrel, a classic Finnish sauna and a salt sauna. Recently, before the epidemic, we have received countless groups. We are past many successful team buildings, we provide a full range of services, in addition to accommodation and meals, we also organize a variety of activities, from table tennis, darts to barbecue parties as well. Thanks to our event hall, the entire hotel was booked on the weekends. Our goal is to provide the most diverse service to our guests, be it outdoor activities, or other relaxing opportunities. We organize programs to suit different needs, such as hiking spiced with games, the opportunity to rent electric bikes, and long walks in our newly established “bear-free” forest surrounded by electric fences. 

Why can tourists feel safe in your hotel? What kind of regulations did you introduce?

As our hotel is part of the Bertis group, we always place great emphasis on complying with hygiene criteria. Keeping the safety of our guests in mind, in addition to a high level of quality, hygiene and cleanliness are of paramount importance to us. In particular, all prescribed precautions were followed, automatic hand sanitizer dispensers and disinfection mats were placed at all entrances. At the same time, we place great emphasis on the cleaning of textiles, as bed linen, towels and tablecloths are disinfected by a company whose profile fits our needs. What’s also new is that rooms and public spaces are also disinfected by an ozone generator. Overall, it wasn’t such a big change for us, we just had to obtain the mandatory assets. Thanks to the large indoor and outdoor spaces and the 2-hectare area yard which we have recently developed for tourists - it is very easy to keep the social distance.

What do you think about the future? What is your positive perspective on the future?
I very much hope that the local tourism will flourish. Due to the precarious situation caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic, in my experience, mainly out of caution, many people choose the option of local tourism instead of a trip abroad. I also share this same preference, because living in the heart of Transylvania we can visit picturesque places and we can choose from countless accommodations. Taking advantage of this one of a kind location, our hotel is also fully prepared to receive and pamper guests safely. I believe that those interested in local tourism will be able to turn to us with confidence 

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